Steeple Renovation

~ Update - 5/24/24 ~

The Steeple Restoration Continues!

Regardless of what Mother Nature throws our way, the restoration of our St. Andrew Church steeple continues. Frank and Glenn, the skilled craftsmen from Glandt Roofers, are forging ahead with significant progress in this next phase of restoration.

As previously outlined, the 140-year-old slate has been meticulously removed, and new underlayment has been applied. The installation of the new replacement slate has commenced. The accompanying slideshow captures Frank and Glenn fearlessly tackling the heights as they install our new slate! You can see the beginning of the installation of the new copper ridging and the initial stages of the window restoration.

We trust that the images provided below offer a vivid glimpse into the remarkable transformation unfolding before our very eyes.

~ Update - 5/3/24 ~

The Steeple Restoration Marches On!

Amid the whims of Missouri’s predictably unpredictable spring weather, the meticulous restoration of our beloved St. Andrew Church steeple continues. Frank and Glenn, the skilled craftsman from Glandt Roofers, have expertly removed all the aged slate tiles and improved our steeple with a new building wrap, ensuring its watertight integrity.

Currently, we are immersed in crafting the elegant copper trim—a material chosen not just for its radiant allure but also for its promise of longevity and maintenance-free existence. Gone are the days when future generations will be burdened with scraping away peeling paint from our cherished steeple!

We hope that the images below offer a vivid glimpse into the remarkable transformation unfolding before our eyes.

~ Original ~

The St. Andrew Catholic Church Renovation Project has entered its next phase! Our focus now is on rehabilitating the steeple. This steeple, which you pass as you walk into the church, is the original structure erected back in 1883. It consists of diamond-pointed slate shingles that have dutifully served their purpose over the years.

After consulting with several "steeplejacks" (the technical term for church steeple roofers), we have entrusted the restoration of our steeple to Glandt Roofing (visit their website at Greg Glandt, the owner, has presented us with a design that aims to restore the steeple to its original beauty.

  • Here are some highlights of the restoration process:
  • Tile Stripping: The old, deteriorating tiles will be carefully removed.
  • New Underlayment: A fresh underlayment will be applied.
  • Northern Slates Installation: New Northern Slates, cut to match the existing design, will be installed.
  • Enhancements: The steeple will receive more enhancements, including copper ridges, new flashing, and fascia.
  • Cross and Lightning Rod: The Cross will be reinstalled, and proper lightning rod protection will be put in place.

For those interested, view the slideshow below that spotlights the urgency of this project. St. Andrew's steeple serves as a beacon, symbolizing the flourishing presence of the Church within our community. We eagerly anticipate its restoration to its former splendor.

To donate towards these renovations, you can visit our parish office or you can donate online by clicking here.