St. Andrew’s Catholic church is embarking on a journey: A journey of renovation.
The sacred space of St. Andrew’s church has provided liturgical beauty and sacramental
refreshment for up to seven generations. The church is approximately 140 yrs. old.
The interior architecture of St. Andrew’s is of gothic design. The vaulted ceilings which
are lined by carved, wooden support ribs speak to her antiquity. The balcony
is still home to the major housing and the magnificent golden-fluted pipes of the organ.
The sanctuary of the church boasts of a 36ft ft high ceiling. The eighteen stained-glass windows
are vibrant, picturesque gospel story tellers, which were hand-crafted in Germany.
The bones and the structure of this gothic masterpiece speak to her beauty and majesty -
her longevity and endurance speak to resilience. St. Andrew’s Catholic church is a house of
God, built by the faithful of God well over a century ago. The faith, dedication and toil of our St.
Andrew forefathers lives vibrantly through our parish families today.
We are called to be caretakers of that which we have received, and in turn, we are to ensure
blessing and beauty for the next generations. Such is our duty; such is our privilege … such is
our Catholic Christian way. In future articles, I hope to share more with you on our parish
journey: A journey of renovation.

To donate towards these renovations, you can visit our parish office or you can donate online by clicking here.